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The Biggest Mobile Threat


Amidst all the hype about mobile phone security and attacks from hackers etc., it’’s probably worth pointing out the real danger to that mine of information stored on our shiny toys and work slave devices.


Everyone is aware of the dangers from hackers stealing the data from our phones using the latest exploits and high tech toolkits.

But whats the risk of this happening to most of us as we go about our daily business ?

It;’’s actually pretty low. However the real threat arises from theft or loss of our precious iFrowns, Googleberries etc.

If the device gets lost. or stolen and you haven’’t protected the device with encryption, then it doesn’’t take much to take all the data that you have been protecting using email security etc. off the phone in question. Not only that, we possess that much data on our phones, its not too much problem to work out what line of business you are in , and then try and sell the data on the phone to unscrupulous competitors or the gutter press.

Bottom line is that most of these mobile devices do come with some form of encryption and it isn’’t too hard to “Google” the processes to secure the device in simple to understand steps (Plug: if you cant do it – give us a call and we will talk you through it).

Remember it takes seconds to secure your mobile devices, but years to recover your business from reputational loss if at all.


July 7, 2011

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