Secure IT Support and Services

Assured For All Our Clients.

CESG CLAS Consultant, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, IISP and PRINCE2 Certifications

Secure Assure Staff are fully trained to ensure that you are fully satisfied with all aspects of our service.

In addition to a high level of technical competency and awareness, we are also formally certified and approved to provide the following assurance and security services to all our customers.

The National Technical Authority for Information Assurance (CESG)


Secure Assure are listed advisers under the CESG Listed Adviser Scheme (CLAS). Typically a CLAS consultant will provide information assurance to Government Organisations and their suppliers.

As part of our CESG CLAS services, We advise on the following

  • How to secure networks in line with the Government Secure Intranet requirements.
  • How to met the security requirements associated with e-Government services.
  • How to secure Critical National Infrastructure
  • How to ensure that 'government standard' information assurance advice is easily available and understood to all our clients

We are approved to provide advice on data assets that are classified (protectively marked) up to Secret

Secure Assure are approved to operate as CESG CLAS consultants until the end of 2012.

British Standards Institution (BSI)

Secure Assure are qualified to act in the capacity of ISO27001 Lead Auditor, in line with the requirements of the International Security Standard ISO27001. As a result we are internationally recognizable as an organization who can provide an iso27001 consultant to advise on and audit against the standard worldwide. We can also use our ISO27001 consultancy skills to provide advice on the following

  • Ensuring that you have suitable risk management processes in place.
  • Ensuring that you understand how to manage risks and plan for remediation of risk etc.
  • Ensuring that your security controls are suitable and implemented correctly.

Institute of Information Security Professionals

Secure Assure are associate members of the IISP, the Institute of Information Security Professionals, who's skills framework is also approved by CESG as a basis for competency assessment for CLAS consultants.

PRINCE2 - Registered Practitioner

Secure Assure are qualified as Registered Paractioners under the PRINCE2 scheme. This is the highest recognised qualification in the scheme, the de-facto standard for project management in the UK and Worldwide

PRINCE2 is usually a fundamental requirement for projects carried out by many large commercial and government organisations. Secure Assure are endorsed by the Official Accreditor for OGC (Office of Government Commerce).

Our certification status for CESG CLAS, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, IISP ITPC and PRINCE2 means that you can be assured that secure assure consultants will be able to provide the right degree of support an assistance, whatever your requirements.