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The news articles displayed on this site are driven by the work we do, the certifications we are looking to attain, and important IT and security points that we look to derive and share with our clients and partners from the things we encounter as we carry out our business.

Have a look through the news items - most things in this section provide real life examples to support our articles and tips sections on the site.

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Domain Ownership

Domain ownership can cause headaches if not managed correctly.

Unlicensed Software

Unlicensed software can render you liable to viruses and other malware attacks.

Data Backup Checks

Failure to check your data backups can cause major headaches if you have a problem.

Cloud Systems

We have completed the development of open source and commercial cloud service offerings.

Remote Access

Check out any remote access software installed on your PC''s and remove it if you don''t know who installed it.

Secure Servers

Secure servers installed on customer sites across the country.