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Backup Recovery Top Tips


In the event of data corruption or an IT disaster, we all reach for the backups, only to find that they are either out of date, or cant be recovered. The following top tips can help you take some simple steps to reduce the chance of a system disaster becoming a full scale business disaster.


  • Take a Backup.
  • Take another Backup
  • Make sure that one of your backups is held in a location that is suitable far away from your original backup.
  • Make sure that your backups are updated at regular intervals, or regenerated from scratch if it makes the process easier to manage.
  • Make sure that you check that your backups can be read. For example open up a word document, or import your accounts files into a system that isnt the same one that they came from.
  • Make sure that your backups are secured from prying eyes, but if you use encryption to protect them, make sure that you are able to decrypt backups when required.

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    August 23, 2011

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