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Staff Security Top Tips


Disgruntled staff are a major source of risk to your IT systems and the assets contained within them. The following security top tips will help reduce the risk that they will disclose, corrupt or steal your valuable data.


  • Make sure that all staff have valid contracts of employment that clearly state acceptable use of your company data assets and systems.
  • Make sure that all staff have signed confidentiality agreements that extend beyond their employment with your company.
  • Make sure that staff have all had training for IT related aspects of the job including, email, internet browsing, exchanging company data with external customers and business partners. This training should cover security aspects of the roles in question.
  • Make sure that all staff are aware of how you want security to be implemented within the company, either by the use of a security handbook, or security awareness training.
  • Make sure that staff are able to recognise incidents that may have an impact on security, for example a virus on a desktop system, or a USB stick dropped in communal areas may all be classified as security related incidents.
  • Make sure that staff with regular access to data are not working alone for extended periods of time, and make sure that someone checks up on them at regular intervals.
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    June 17, 2011

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